Aseptic compounding education, operator training and clean room design services

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Aseptic Compounding Courses

These courses are intended for both pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and the material covered will be tailored to the scope of practice of the course mix of up to twelve students on each occasion.

Clean Room Design

Clean rooms for hospital pharmacy compounding of medicines differ markedly in their design and operation
from conventional clean rooms employed in other industries.

mel davis & associates

is a consultancy service that assists hospital pharmacists, hospital authorities, the pharmaceutical industry, regulatory bodies and Standards Committees. We provide advice and education in all matters concerning preparation and administration of injectable medicines and design of facilities in which drugs are aseptically prepared.  Quality and safety are our highest priorities, particularly related to handling of and prevention of, occupational exposure to hazardous drugs.

Are your compounding staff members validated? Do they have a current Certificate of Competency? Are your facilities compliant with current Standards and Guidelines?